JO2-Phyto – Designed to better protect diet success

The secret code of the yo-yo effect is decrypted!
Gut bacteria cause the yo-yo effect.

Without plant substances, there is NO healthy microbiome

The microbiome – small big obstacle on the way to the desired weight

The trillions of bacteria, fungi and viruses live mainly in the large intestine and do an indispensable part of the digestive work. They significantly influence how many calories are absorbed from food and converted into fat deposits. Whether we stay slim or gain weight depends on how the microbes help digest the food. 

With a diet rich in fat and sugar the proportion of helpful bacterial species is greatly reduced – the microbiome becomes biased (dysbiosis), which is why the "famous small sins" become noticeable so quickly and heavily. Therefore, with any weight loss, attention should be paid to activating the microbiome. A process that is very worthwhile, because of the far-reaching, systemic functions of the microbiome. The microbiome is also defined as an own "metabolic organ", with a potential comparable to that of the liver. With Phyto-Effect you have a scientifically developed, natural and targeted help for the microbiome.

*SCFA – Short Chain Fatty Acids – are absorbed by almost all tissues and are involved, among other things, in the regulation of energy metabolism.

of all diseases are microbiome-associated
of all immune cells are in the gut
Kilos can weigh a microbiome
of the required SCFA* produces the microbiome

Our principle: Encapsulated active ingredients, targeted effects in the large intestine (3-fold effect!)


The plant substances positively change the microbiome composition because they represent the "food for the good microbes" and inhibit pathogenic bacteria.


The microbiome metabolizes the flavanones, resulting in various metabolites that exert a far-reaching influence on health that affects the entire body.


The plant substances are absorbed by the large intestine.

Unique symbiotic

Can be combined with the probiotic cultures of JO2-Biotic

Turn the microbiome-active plant substances into a unique symbiotic by combining JO2-Phyto with JO2-Biotic. JO2-Biotic contains lactobacillus and bifidobacterium cultures that have been tested in clinical trials.

Flavanone – indispensable!

Our product – no secret, pure science

After a diet, only the microbiome remains in its poor condition for several months (about 15 weeks). If it comes again into contact with a diet rich in fat and sugar, the metabolic complications that lead to the yo-yo effect arise. 

Flavanones act via the microbiome-liver-cholesterol axis and stimulate metabolic processes in the liver that lead to the increased breakdown of fatty acids and ultimately reduce the proportion of "bad" LDL cholesterol.

Flavanones have a very high antioxidant effect and can regenerate existing inflammation. Not only do they regulate the activity of the enzymes responsible for combating radicals, they also act as radical scavengers themselves and are therefore highly effective anti-inflammatory foods.

Flavanones have a cell-protective effect on bronchial epithelial cells. They have a particular effect on the lungs via the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory signal pathways and also have coughing and expectorant effects. 

Advancing age is accompanied by changes in the gut microbiota. The age-related microbiome changes damage intestinal homeostasis and create a pro-inflammatory environment that causes typical signs of aging. The microbiome is generally an effective means of positively influencing the immune system and represents a potential adjustment screw for healthy aging. The links between aging and onset of microbial dysbiosis with the typical consequences of intestinal permeability, inflammation, and decline in immune function can serve as a therapeutic approach to reverse the immune-aging-clock and potentially support overall good health in old age.

Microbiome-active Flavanones - the health all-rounder

Diet companion and microbiome cure!
Take JO2-Phyto correctly

As a special support of the intestinal microbiome, JO2-Phyto can be used to accompany any diet. It is 100% natural, vegan and has zero calories. To start, you should take JO2-Phyto both during a 6-week diet period and immediately afterwards for another 6 weeks. One capsule of JO2-Phyto at noon or in the evening. In order to maintain the positive influence on the intestinal microbiome and to further counteract the yo-yo effect, a further 6-week intake should then take place in the following quarter of the year. If you "feed" the microbiome correctly during the diet and post-diet, you have a good chance of enjoying both the "small sins" and the diet success. Thus, 3 cures are recommended (depending on your requirements). One pack contains 40 capsules each and is therefore sufficient for a six-week cure.